2014 Season

Photo by Flordelino Lagundino

Photo by Flordelino Lagundino

See Bat Fly

Written by Kathryn Walat
Directed by Aubrey Snowden

July 9 – 12 at 8pm
August 1 at 8pm
August 2 at 1pm (Saturday Marathon)

A play about the aerodynamics of bats, the magic of an all-night diner on Route 66, and the dysfunctional tequila Christmas that sets Melanie free. Bat biologist Melanie lands in Albuquerque, looking for an experimental treatment for her nightmares, but what she finds is her nerdy physicist brother, the wisdom of a short-order-cook-turned-shaman, and a Christmas Eve so weird it might be the new family tradition. A play about life’s mysteries and finding one’s way in the dark.

Indian Summer

Written by Gregory S. Moss
Directed by Kenneth Prestininzi

July 16 – 19 at 8pm
July 31 at 8pm
August 2 at 4pm (Saturday Marathon)

Abandoned for the summer with his widower grandfather on a beach in Rhode Island, sixteen-year-old Daniel meets Izzy, a tough, impulsive Sicilian-American girl determined to defend her territory from this prep school invader. An unlikely friendship blooms, almost against their wills, but what will become of them when September comes? Indian Summer is a romantic comedy about waiting for your life to begin, class warfare, and the hidden charms of Rhode Island.

The Droll

Written by Meg Miroshnik
Directed by Mia Rovegno

July 23 – 26 at 8pm
July 30 at 8pm
August 2 at 8pm (Saturday Marathon)

It is one year after the “End of Theatre” and fourteen-year-old Nim Dullyn has just witnessed his first DROLL – an underground performance of comedic excerpts from famous plays – and he is desperate to meet his new idol, the Player James Killingworth. Seduced by the magic of the stage, Nim sets out for the Cittie with this illegal theatrical troupe. The beastly Roundheads, fundamentalists who deem theatre an abomination during this time of Sicknesse and Troubles, pursue him. Inspired by the theatre closures of Puritan England, The Droll asks: what evil would you do in the name of laughter?